Welcome to Apathetic
A guild on the Feenix; Emerald Dream Server

On 4/16/13, Apathetic claimed Kazzak horde first. As always I appreciate the turn up and the amount of people willing to stay up as long as they can to make sure we got him down. Thank you to everyone who showed up to assist us and as I've always said, we will be there for you.

On 3/23/13, Apathetic lead several raids with Coalition in an effort to down Azuregos. Together we claimed Azuregos horde first. A big thanks to every guild who came out to help us combat the alliance to secure the kill. To Apathetic, I'm proud of all of you, keep up the great work. (Sorry for the shitty SS, if someone has a better one please send me it.)

Grats to Apathetic on Horde first Onyxia!


What we are looking for:

We are looking for exceptional guild members in every class. When you join, you aren't just a class, you are a dedicated part of our incredible family. We intend to be one of the top tier raiding guilds till the end days of this server.




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